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Fay Skorda and company invites us to discuss, laugh and enjoy!

10:00 (R) & 03:00 (L)


For the 7th consecutive year, "TO PROINO" is served by Fay Scorda. The successful morning recipe is also timeless and the ingredients authentic. In her daily appointment with the viewers, Fai meets her favorite company this year. Aris Kavatzikis, Aphrodite Grammeli and Dimitris Ougarezos will take their place in the "Proino" with exclusive reportage and interviews, ready to discuss the issues of the day with a subversive approach and humor.

Fay meets Litsa Patera in the living room for her predictions and tips for each sign. She goes for a walk through Vasilis Kallidis' kitchen, who will share his incredible recipes this year and the secrets of good food. She finds Rania Thraskia in her armchair discussing issues that concern the modern woman. She encounters Nancy Paradisean and talks about loved ones and illuminates unknown aspects of their personality and career. Gives an appointment with the renowned pediatrician Dr. Spyros Mazani, who is the most useful consultant especially for newborn health. It is left to the excellent knowledge of dietician - nutritionist Konstantinos Xenos. She asks the opinion of interior designer, Nikos Konstantis on how to make our personal space more functional and beautiful. He meets the pastry chef, Dimitris Makriniotis and his wonderful culinary creations. And when the windows open, the view will come from both Athens, thanks to Christos Nezos and Thessaloniki with Polyxeni Karamicha.

Visitors to the " Proino" studio will be people from the arts and everyday people who inspire and give courage through their own personal stories. Also in the new season we will learn more about fashion, beauty and many useful tips that will free our hands and make our lives easier both at home and outside.