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Fay Skorda with her company wait for us to discuss, to laugh, to enjoy!


The necessary ingredients of a balanced… TV breakfast are: optimistic mood, interesting reports, exclusive topics, meetings with bright faces, plenty of laughter, moments of emotion and, of course, good company to share.

Fay Skorda and "To Proino" insist on this recipe for the 8th consecutive year.

The best hostess and the renewed group of friends that will accompany her will become part of our daily life through a dynamic three hours, which will have everything we loved, but also many new surprises.

In her daily appointment with the viewers, Fay has Dimitris Ouggarezos by her side, for another year, while Dimitris Mothoneos and Koni Metaxa are the new people who complete the team. They all comment on the issues of the day with a subversive approach, positive energy and a lot of humor.

With the experience and the unique style that characterizes him, Vangelis Perris enters the company of "To Proino" and brings upheavals, sometimes pleasant, sometimes not so much… Because television reporting is always in the center of interest, Alexis Michas takes us everything that happens in front - but mainly behind - the scenes with exclusive reporting.

In the most pleasant morning company of Greek television, is Anna Maria Barou, giving original ideas for food styling and impressive proposals for every occasion.

Because "To Proino" is not possible without gastronomy suggestions, this year our plate is filled with beautiful scents from the creations of Petros Syrigos, who shares delicious recipes that we can all make in our kitchen.

As always, Litsa Patera is with us with her predictions and tips for each sign, Christos Nezos takes us to favorite destinations and new challenges, through live connections, and the experienced decorator Nikos Konstantis, for another year, suggests to us smart ways to brighten up our home and improve our daily lives.