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Giorgos Papadakis with his journalistic team reports first every day all the current events is coming!


The longest and most successful news show on Greek television is coming to our receivers again with the most valid and timely information. In its 30 years of broadcasting, "KALIMERA ELLADA" has given a potential presence to major events and has effectively intervened in the important problems that concern society. With reports and news from all over the country, George Papadakis - with an excellent journalistic team by his side - is close to the Greek citizen every day.

George Papadakis, with his validity, humor and immediacy, rightly won not only the first place in the battle of information but also the first place in the heart and conscience of the television audience. The popular news program, renewed and with a sense of responsibility towards the citizens, in a difficult and demanding year for all of us is here to bring to the forefront everything we need to know about being informed citizens.

He is joined by: George Grigoriadis, Chryssa Foskolou, Dimitris Christoulias.