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Zeta Makripoulia hosts our favorite game show offering us more laughter than ever!


Game, laughter, mistakes, teams, players, tricks, Zeta. What is it? Time starts now on "Rouk Zouk"!

"Rouk Zouk" returns for the 6th year on ANT1 with Zeta Makripoulia at the helm of the most subversive gameshow.

This year, "Rouk Zouk" is picking up where it left off, and begins with the long-awaited championship week that did not take place last year due to the pandemic, to highlight last season's winning team.

After the championship week, "Rouk Zouk" continues with new teams, hilarious moments, lots of teasing, and of course with enjoyable Zeta Makripoulia who makes humor and spontaneity a daily habit!

This year, however, "Rouk Zouk" is enriched with two new games. The are "Mirror mirror" and "Teacher's Hour", that test the players' ability in song, imitation, dance, but also… spelling!