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All the top news presented with prestige and validity.


Journalism with an edge, calm delivery of events, and substantial coverage of all perspectives, ANT1 NEWS is the steadfast voice of information during the new season.

 Nikos Hatzinikolaou is once again hosting the Central News Bulletin daily, with prestige and validity. Through an authoritative stance and vast experience, he provides the true picture of current affairs, balancing all views of events, both domestically and internationally, with the strong journalistic and technical team of ANT1 by his side. Through exclusive reports, live coverage, exclusive interviews and authoritative analysis, he highlights the essence of events, the truth hidden behind them, and the impact of political and social developments.

Katia Makri, Antonis Dellatolas, Konstantinos Filis, Tasos Telloglou, and Eleni Varvitsioti contribute significantly with their reports and comments.

 Maria Sarafoglou presents the daily Midday News Bulletin and Ritsa Bizogli hosts the Weekend Central Bulletin.

ANT1 NEWS continues its dynamic journey this season, with the multifaceted view of the people as its compass. Through accuracy, determination, and quick reflexes, it stands in the front line of events, placing the value of real information at the forefront.