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A woman who returns. A love that comes alive again. A murder. Who is innocent and who is guilty?


Leda (Eugenia Dimitropoulou) returns with her teenage son, Petros (Konstantinos Peslis), to the beautiful, seaside town where she was born, after 18 years of absence. She meets there Filippos (Antinoos Albanis) again, the first love that marked her, but she is also confronted with her family, the mistakes of the past and the pain of her sister's suicide. Then, Leda left secretly, full of regrets and guilt, without anyone knowing where she is. Now, she turns to reconcile with the past and close a cycle that lasted 18 years. The first person she wants to see is her old best friend. But everything is turned upside down when she finds him dead and she is accused of his murder. This crime triggers a series of events that disrupt her life and reveal the hidden secrets of the city. Leda tries to prove her innocence, to redefine her relationships and feelings, to live the love she was deprived of. However, she is divided between her unquenchable passion for Filippos, who is now married to Aliki (Dora Makrygianni) and the new love that is unexpectedly born with Dimitris (George Karamihos), the policeman who has taken over her case. Dimitris, wanting to reach the truth, passes through the microscope the lives of everyone, revealing secrets, illegal relationships and frauds of "then" and "now".

Who wants to blame Leda for the murder of her boyfriend and why? What did the murdered man know and why did he have to be silent forever? What is behind her sister's suicide 18 years ago? How does Peter react when he realizes that everything he knew about his mother was a lie? How do her parents react to her unexpected arrival that overturns everything they knew so far? What will happen when Leda meets Philip again, her great love from the past? And how will his wife, Alice, and his children react to the truths that will be revealed? What will happen when Dimitris also claims a place in Leda's life?